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5/22/2010 - We've got it!  Our own domain.  Yes, you can now reach us at  Makes us happy.  We feel official.  Now we need to get more active - give you something to read!  So all hands will be on deck beginning this week and we'll send out emails no more than once a week to members so you know what's new on the site.  -Ayna

We're looking for you, the beta reader. Register as a member and you'll be notified as soon as Scribbles are up and available for your eyes to consume. Only registered members will be able to read Scribbles in their entirety. All others will only be able to see the teasers.

We're making plans for short stories, essays, poetry, series stories and anything else we can think of which you might enjoy reading here at Scribblicious. In the meantime, register, sign the guest book, and join in a discussion in the forums. We look forward to meeting you here.



First Chapters from Stephanie Rose have arrived!


I have just now published the first chapters of each of my books. Some are complete, others still in the roughest of drafts, one remains in its concept stage. If one of these chapters has you screaming, "More, I need more!", please contact me. I am aggressively searching for beta readers and will gladly give you the full manuscript. Thank you for being here!


Short Story from Ayna

Just a little ditty for you to smile at without having to become a member. My short story, Stash, is  here.