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Posted by Emily Reynolds on May 28, 2010 at 11:11 PM

Greetings Esteemed Readers and Writers:


Forgive my lack of attention to this little site of ours, but real life has been demanding most of it lately. I've missed the weekly inspiration of the Scribblers' meetings, since I now live in Bellevue and work during the weekdays. It's great that we finally have our own domain, though, so I'd like to congratulate the other Scribblers and express my gratitude for all their hard work. I am very excited to have this outlet for the poems and short stories that don't get much attention (from me or anyone else!). Even though I currently devote all my creative energy to The Wizards of Kalzak, there are many smaller projects I would love to share with others. This site is the perfect place for it! So thanks again, everyone, for making it possible.


Only one small slice of Kalzak is finished in the short story The Hourglass, which Ayna and Stephanie have both read. I won't be posting it on the site, though, mainly because I think I ought to save it for a rainy day (aka send it in for publication). I'll still give updates on where I am in the development stages, though... right now I'm between two other Kalzak shorts, The Bridge and The Fire Orb.


In other news, Western Washington University's Jeopary Magazine released its 2010 issue today, in which one of my photographs was published! Entitled "Holy," it depicts early morning January sunlight streaming through some pines on campus, illuminating the fog pressing in around the trunks. Although I sent in three photographs and two written pieces, this photograph was the only one that made it into the magazine. Still, it's a great achievement for me, since I've never been published before!


Also, they posted my 3rd place-winning haiku about persimmons on their 4th annual webzine under the poetry section! Check it out here!


This is sort of a defining moment for me... well, a defining first step. I sure started at the bottom rung of the literary ladder: 3rd place in a 3-line poetry contest. But it combines my two passions, Creative Writing and Japanese, and those are what I earned my degrees in. This one haiku, my first published piece, embodies the culmination of my education. This haiku is the link between Emily the student and Emily the writer.


It's the first proof I have that society acknowledges even the tiniest sliver of my creative writing, and that means the world to me. :D


So thanks to everyone for their encouragement, their advice, their friendship, and their love of the craft! And here's to the next baby step...



Emily Reynolds

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Reply Ayna Ravan
1:43 AM on May 29, 2010 
I'm so very happy for your achievement! Congratulations on both the photograph and the poetry. The haiku is superb and wonderful to see in its Japanese symbols and translations. I know there is a specific word for the pictographs, what is it? It would be wonderful to know a bit more, or a lot about haiku. How about a primer on the site and then we all, readers and writers, can share our creations of haiku on a page? What do you think?

Most important: Way to GO Emily!!!!!